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Sigenergy SigenStor top left corner with LED light ray.

Sigenergy Partners with Perth Solar Warehouse

May 2024: Perth Solar Warehouse announces retailer partnership with energy innovator Sigenergy. Presenting its innovative software-first product foundation, Sigenergy’s initial release to the Australian market is a new generation of

Aiko solar panels to add fierce competition in Australia

Q2, 2024, Aiko Solar will arrive in Australia, adding fierce competition in the ultra-high efficiency stakes. Primarily a world-leading manufacturer in cell shipments (Rank: 2nd, 2023, source: InfoLink), the technology and
Derek McKercher with arms folded and smiling with Sunwiz Awards 2024 logos in the top left corner

Sunwiz Awards 2024: PSW is a Top 5 Solar Company in WA

Before a March 7th, 2024 ceremony, Sunwiz, an industry market intelligence provider, pre-announced PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse as a Top 5 solar installer collaborating submitted Solar Panel Verification data.
Kate Rutherford pictured holding a glass of champagne for the Tesla Energy Performance Excellence Award

Tesla Performance Excellence Award, Q4, 2023

PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse acquired the Tesla Performance Excellence Award through a 362% year-on-year (YoY) growth for Powerwall sales in Q4, 2023, cementing their position as Perth’s leading
Tesla Certified Premium Installer 2024 - PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse wall paper

High Distinction: Tesla Premium Certified Installer 2024

January 2024: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse is recognised as a Tesla Premium Certified Installer for the third consecutive year. With an enduring commitment to high-quality and deep product suite
Solar Quotes Legendary PSW Energy Perth Solar Warehouse

Subsidiaries Attain Solar Quotes Legendary Ranking

The world of sustainable energy is evolving at virtually break-neck speed, and it’s easy to become swept up in the hype. However, sustainable energy isn’t new. It’s rapidly evolved over

Elon Musk

The opposite of sustainable energy is unsustainable energy