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PSW Energy

The evolution of Perth Solar Warehouse for broader regions.

PSW Energy spawned from Perth Solar Warehouse [2017] to provide a renowned standard of sustainable energy infrastructure, more diverse sustainable energy products, and consumer research publications to a broader demographic. The original local identity of Perth Solar Warehouse exists within PSW Energy’s name yet homonymously relates to Pure Sine Wave Energy, correlating with the required energy output for most sustainable energy sources in the modern world. The dot at the end of the logo represents the sun as a sustainable energy source.

Discover a comprehensive product suite in a more consumer-friendly modern digital shop front with access to high-quality portable power stations, portable solar panels and individual turnkey solar products such as repairs and maintenance solar parts and electric vehicle charging components. PSW Energy is the ‘next-generation’ provider of sustainable energy products, research content, and technical support.

PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse
Top 10 Solar Companies Australia 2023 Perth Solar Warehouse

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Perth Solar Warehouse is an awarded Top 5 local market solar energy system provider for the 2023 calendar year based on Solar Panel Verification (SPV) data for residential and commercial solar system sizes accumulated on the Sunwiz market intelligence platform.

Reduced photovoltaic implementation capacity in the second half of 2023 was offset by a significant increase in energy storage (battery) sales.

Leading support standard

A customer-centric business, we’re reviewing customer satisfaction performance deeper than any other organisation to refine outcomes that best meet customer expectations consistently. 

Perth Solar Warehouse is fuelled by customer success from the products it sells. Across Google and, Perth Solar Warehouse recorded 314 customer reviews for an average of 4.85/5 stars in 2023. Four essential aspects of criteria considered. Ranking ›

Tesla more accessible

We improved the process of local adoption efficiency to assist with the greater penetration of Tesla Energy products, like, Powerwall and Wall connector.

Replicated in a Tesla Performance Excellence Award 2024 for outstanding product activations [Top 10% Australia Q4, 2023] with a superior customer review performance score 4.8/5 and 95% remote audit success.

We're improving sustainable energy adoption for more

Everyone deserves access to sustainable energy to improve their living standard should they choose. PSW Energy removes the barriers with transparent online shopping options. View in-store when ready. Visit ›


A PSW Energy local guarantee has genuine value.

2024 marks 20 years in business for McKercher Corporation. Subsidiary PSW Energy propels the clean energy transition through extensive experience, assuring a secure, sustainable energy investment with a broader appeal backed by a proven leader. The global requirement for sustainable energy requires trusted partners to invest in better long-term energy security outcomes.

Your first step towards an assured sustainable energy partner is an enduring history.

our Mission

Improved sustainable energy adoption through digitalisation.

We built Perth Solar Warehouse to offer solar energy products from the most convenient, non-invasive purchasing experience. With improved affordability of exceptional products, Perth Solar Warehouse leverages digital attributes to improve efficiency where less digitalised businesses lag.

An evolved approach attracting high distinction.



Derek McKercher

We've been transitioning towards positive energy outcomes since 2004