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Assisting tomorrow through diverse focus energy transition since 2004

McKercher Corporation, established in 2004 as McKercher ECS, to provide ground-level electrical and energy services. Organic demand for specialised energy and technical services instigated the evolution towards broader Australian regional markets.

McKercher ECS matured from a sole trading entity (Derek McKercher) to a privately owned company, Electrical Australia Pty Ltd., licensed with operations in Western Australia, Northern Territory, New South Wales and Queensland. In 2011, external interest facilitated the transfer of core service operations, including intellectual property associated with the Electrical Australia name.

The transition from Electrical Australia to McKercher Corporation facilitated a refined energy transition technology and infrastructure business focus. Sustainably generated energy resources enhanced by ethical research and development, McKercher Corporation businesses assist the global goal of net zero emissions.

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Energy Services
Energy Infrastructure Supply
Energy Transition Diversity
Scaled Energy Services
Energy Media Development

Energy transition infrastructure & knowledge base

Powering sustainable energy demands globally through astute minds passionate about energy transition.



For over 20 years McKercher Corporation founder Derek McKercher is propelling the transition to clean energy technology. Extensive organisational experience assures a secure sustainable energy investment with McKercher Corporation associated businesses. Humanities increasing dependency on energy requires trusted partners with dependable foundations invested in better outcomes.

Your first step towards a partner in sustainable energy security is an enduring history.

our mission

To facilitate a low footprint sustainable energy transition.

Transitioning away from fossil fuel-based energy generation to primary sustainable energy generation in sun and wind is inevitable. As humanity evolves, self-sufficient clean energy dependency plays a vital role. 

Beyond power generation, artificial intelligence can assist energy loads in maximising sustainable energy production. The future is intelligent, sustainable electric.

strategic Business

Rethinking sustainable energy markets to expedite uptake through technology and innovation.

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Positive Decisions

Developing sustainable solutions since 2004