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Sustainable Energy Transition

Your trusted partner towards net zero electrification. Sustainable energy infrastructure, service, news and media.  


Assisting tomorrow through diverse focus energy transition since 2004

Education and electrification are expedited means of how we achieve net zero emissions.

Engineering Power Line

Products & Services

Implementing infrastructure to reduce the dependence on carbon-intensive energy generation. McKercher Corporation products and services through key businesses;

– Photovoltaics
– Energy conversion
– Energy control

– Electric vehicle charging
– Battery systems
– Australia

Solar Business Administration

News & Media

Publications and digital technology towards renewable energy analysis, assisting enhanced decision-making content through data.

– Reporting
– Product analysis
– Data logging

– Data Evaluation
– Forecasting
– Global

McKercher Corportation

Expedite the goal
of net zero

We're aiming high.

Carbon neutrality is no longer an option, it’s a requirement for most developed and developing nations. Reducing carbon output of energy generation is most rapidly achieved through the electrification of everyday appliances and transportation systems, where the primary fuel is derived from sustainable energy sources such as the sun and wind. Abundant forms of naturally generated energy that continue to renew without exhaustive, ongoing processes.

With a shared dominant focus towards a better outcome for humanity, the possibility is closer than ever.  Use McKercher Corporation for;

– Solar Energy
– Wind Energy
– Energy Storage

– EV Infrastructure
– Energy Management
– Energy Security


strategic business

Rethink sustainable energy markets to expedite uptake through technology and innovation.

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Energy transition infrastructure & knowledge base since 2004

Powering global electrification infrastructure and resources through minds passionate about the energy transition.

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Enhanced by internationally trusted partnerships.

Elon Musk

The opposite of sustainable energy is unsustainable energy