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Customer-centric McKercher Corporation brands assist the global energy transition

Refined to operate with a focus beyond the present.  Possessing solid foundations, each McKercher Corporation subsidiary incorporates digital regenerative processes and automation.

Clear guidance and ground-level knowledge ensure consumers the ultimate peace of mind when interacting with any McKercher Corporation business.

In the modern world, customer satisfaction is everything. The opportunity to exceed your expectation is not a once-off opportunity, it’s what should be expected at every interaction. 

Localised Energy Infrastructure

Perth Solar Warehouse

The researched choice for solar, battery and EV charging — Perth, Western Australia.

Using consumer trust avenues associated with online purchasing, Perth Solar Warehouse provides a direct-to-end-user purchasing experience of installed photovoltaic, energy storage and electric vehicle charging components. 

Perth Solar Warehouse provides simplified, transparent choices for technical products. With a limited advertising approach, Perth Solar Warehouse genuinely is the researched buyer’s choice for solar, battery and EV charging technology. Learn more ›

– Solar Energy
– Energy Storage

– EV Charging
– Perth, Western Australia

Perth Solar Warehouse
PSW Energy

Broad-range energy Infrastructure

PSW Energy

Solar • EV Charging • Battery - Store and knowledge base.

The evolution of the Perth Solar Warehouse brand.  Introduced in 2017, PSW Energy caters towards a broadening market beyond localised Perth, and Western Australia borders. A modern online purchasing experience for energy infrastructure products in an industry where reduced scope for digitalisation and extended research exists.

Trusted by global leading brands such as Tesla, Fronius, SMA, Huawei, LONGi, Jinko and more, PSW Energy exists to deliver renowned Perth Solar Warehouse customer and product satisfaction for more users. 

– Solar Energy
– Energy Storage
– EV Charging

– Portable power
– Energy Monitoring
– Broader Markets, Australia

Energy Digitalisation

McKercher Corporation

Digital Technology Division

The future of energy is digital. Combined with electrification, digitalisation is how we will interact, control, manage, conserve and enhance full utilisation with minimal waste. In turn, achieve a carbon-neutral economy where current and future generations thrive.

– Software Integration

– Future grid

– Energy Management

– Communities

McKercher Corproation