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SigenStor Approved: PSW Energy Delivers Sigenergy Showcase

June 5, 2024: Sigenergy Sigenstor single-phase 5 and 6 kW reach ‘CEC-approved’ status for compliance in the Australian market, marking the green light for Sigenergy single-phase 5 and 6 kW system (with battery) installations in Australia. Given single-phase approval, Sigenergy’s three-phase SigenStor approval should follow in the not-to-distant future.

The anticipated approval of SigenStor single-phase systems is welcome news for electrification enthusiasts seeking a comprehensive sustainable energy solution towards an entirely electric shift. More notably, SigenStore has an easily adaptable (modular) ‘Sigen EV DC charging module‘ with up to 25 kW fast charging capability for those eagerly awaiting a bidirectional electric vehicle charging solution.

Further complementing an industry-leading product lineup of sustainable energy products, PSW Energy has launched a Showcase category for Sigenergy today in selected West Australian regions. Due to higher profiling, PSW Energy’s Showcase categories remain reserved for specific products that resonate and appeal to consumers. Sigenergy sits alongside Tesla (Home Energy and EV Charging) and Bluetti (Camping and Portable Power) as one of three specialised products likely to add greater value for more through improved user experience, further expediting sustainable energy uptake.

Gauging the rapid appeal in European and Asian markets, SigenStor’s 5-in-one, and more customisable design is likely to outpace many established inverter and sustainable energy brands in Australia from 2025.

SigenStor is not just another rehashed, rebadged solution we’ll see prominently throughout SNEC 2024 [Shanghai New Energy Conference]. It’s 100% its own, from software to hardware. Once in a decade, a new technology emerges that gains virtually instant consumer appeal. Sigenergy is this decades. Most notably, they’ve recruited really well as the foundations to drive rapid adoption.

Sven [Albersmeier-Braun] is highly regarded for his time at SENEC and is ideal for the European markets. Will [Hall] is respected among industry professionals and has been appointed Australia’s director through extensive Australian solar industry experience. He’s committed to hard work and will take great care of Sigenergy in Australia. These people don’t just go to any company. More depth comes from leading global marketing and software development backgrounds who can inspire positive change.

Derek McKercher

Sigenergy SigenStore will complement Australia’s love for superior technology that incorporates a high-value feature return no matter where one is on their sustainable energy journey. Given that Sigenstor can work as a simplified hybrid inverter-only option ready for future expansion, the base-level solution has a relatively low entry point. More comprehensively, with all features incorporated, SigenStor is the ultimate all-in-one electrification (solar, battery, and EV charging) solution from the start.

Although not yet approved,  comparative base-level Sigenergy 5 kW SigenStor hybrid inverter (no battery), through PSW Energy with 6.6 kW of combined nominated solar panels, is attainable in the mid-price bracket. An equivalent option positioned between Goodwe and Fronius and considered a high-value inverter based on added features.

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