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Sigenergy SigenStor top left corner with LED light ray.

Sigenergy Partners with Perth Solar Warehouse

May 2024: Perth Solar Warehouse announces retailer partnership with energy innovator Sigenergy. Presenting its innovative software-first product foundation, Sigenergy’s initial release to the Australian market is a new generation of energy storage and control, SigenStor. Identified as the dawn of the digital battery era, Sigenstor encompasses a simplified all-in-one solar and storage solution, gaining rapid adoption in Europe and Asia. Fortuitously, this digital era defining product suite is now available for Australia.

Already making waves throughout Europe with an operating system (OS) focused, software-first design and shifting preconceived norms where inverter and battery manufacturers are primarily hardware manufacturers who evolve into software development secondary. It is an afterthought that could prove limited with any company seeking mainstream market appeal beyond 2030 as modern user experience compliments improved “smarter” energy utilisation. 

Founder Tony Xu [ex-Huawei FusionSolar and Ascend AI President] discovered the limitations of hardware-first designs imposed in the new generation of energy management through his previous high-profile business and technical roles. Sigenergy is a testament to where the next chapter of sustainable energy technology begins.

5 in One Sigenergy-SIGENSTOR render

Sigenenergy Sigenstor five-in-one energy solution: Solar Inverter, DC EV charger, Battery Control System, Battery Pack, and Electronic Management System.

Sigenergy brings together much more than improved harmonisation between integral components. Certain hardware elements now answer the pivotal questions most seek in a sustainable energy solution. Despite its well-covered, five-in-one product nature, SigenStor’s versatility exceeds any current market offering. 

Battery modules are flexible. With Sigenstor, there is no need to match a 5 kWh battery configuration throughout the modularity. If one’s ideal storage requirement is 13 kWh, combine a 5 kWh and 8 kWh Sigen Battery Module configuration. Matching SoC (State of Charge) when expanding later is now a thing of the past. Shift the focus, and the EV DC Charger is the mainstream market first, yet much more. The V2X bidirectional charging features convert a compatible vehicle and power supply into increased energy density for a given property. Nothing like this exists in Australia to date, nor is anything announced on the horizon. Sigenergy has entered the market with a resounding impact.

It is a unique solution that is certain to appeal to many through its adaptability and almost unlimited design possibilities. Perth Solar Warehouse is committed to delivering one of the first all-encompassing SigenStor demonstration systems for customers to interact with before purchasing. Related: Sigenergy Defines a New Digital Battery Era ›

Discover Sigenergy in Person

Look, touch, interact. Customers can view Sigenergy’s Sigenstor on display from Monday, July 1st, 2024, at the PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse display centre, 3/90 Discovery Drive, Bibra Lake, WA. To ensure the time and direct attention many customers prefer, all that is requested is to book an appointment due to a limited number of sales support staff at a nominated time. 

PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse

Image: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse display centre. 3/90 Discovery Drive, Bibra Lake, WA.

“We plan to offer one of the first all-encompassing Sigenergy solar, battery, DC EV Charger and Sigen operating systems for potential owners to interact with, available by the 5th of August 2024, due to three-phase controller and DC EV charger certifications pending with the CEC” mentions Derek McKercher [Director]. Customers can order the single-phase Sigenstor variants from Perth Solar Warehouse for installation (without the DC EV charger) from July 2024 for installation within the Perth and Bunbury regions of Western Australia.

With McKercher Corporation subsidiary Perth Solar Warehouse announcing the adoption of Sigenergy’s SigenStor system among its leading energy storage options, including Tesla, Sungrow, and Goodwe, PSW Energy has now followed suit [May 12, 2024] for broader region customers to consider. 

Perth Solar Warehouse provides turnkey (installed) solar, battery and EV charging solutions to the greater Perth region of Western Australia. PSW Energy offers Perth Solar Warehouse’s leading products for more to enjoy with a user-friendly and native online shopping experience, reducing barriers and expenses associated with a premium service. PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse are McKercher Corporation businesses with a local dealer and service guarantee supported by 20 years of business history.

Perth Solar Warehouse: Sigenergy’s SigenStor is a game-changer for Australia ›

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