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In-house CEC Accredited solar installers Perth WA

Perth Solar Warehouse In-house Solar Installation Service Bucks Industry Trend

It’s known that verticle integration of sustainable energy infrastructure supply businesses provides improved customer outcomes. Therefore, why do many companies avoid executing the installation directly? Reducing risk is the answer, yet this potentially compromises a critical component when supplying sustainable energy infrastructure. Many firms hire certified installation firms through outsourcing agreements to implement their product. Begging the question, who is your installer and who holds the installation warranty?

It’s logical to assume the organisation you purchased the product from, and you would be correct. However, layers of complexity arise in the event of an issue, often overlooked at the point of sale. Organisations that use outsourced services usually don’t carry implementation licences, saving on maintaining a skilled blue-collar workforce. Support, though often lags as the failure, and cost must be discerned between two parties. All of which isn’t too bad if a resolution with minimal downtime can be managed behind the scenes.

Perth Solar Warehouse focuses long-term attention on infrastructure supply and in-house installation services. The launch of sustainable energy infrastructure supplier Perth Solar Warehouse encouraged a greater demand for in-house skilled technicians who knew specialised products intimately from one organisation.  

Based in Perth, Western Australia, possessing in-house CEC accredited solar installers ensures a streamlined process that no longer requires the on-going major developmental attention as any alternative emerging sector.

The implementation of Perth Solar Warehouse is to deliver as a hassle-free option for any person searching for trusted solar power and energy equipment online. With transparent products, pricing and the ability to be one of the industries most trusted sources for related news, we have done that. Now, Perth Solar Warehouse will continue forward with strong foundations and its assured assets of in-house CEC accredited solar installers.

Operated solely in Perth, Western Australia, the solar services installation division continues to outperform initial expectations through the implementation of strict, on and off site disciplines. Those of which are lacking through third party service based businesses within the solar industry.

A realisation of the requirement for advanced skilled installation practices came to attention while observing alternative service based businesses. Not just in the solar energy industry but across a broad spectrum of service based industries. We realised there was a way to do it better, so we utilised what we knew and developed a series of exclusive practices and workflows.

Alternative businesses preach about being the best. However, what defines the best? There is no point competing in a business environment unless what one offers is better or different to what’s already available for consumers. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role within the implementation of the in-house solar installers which Perth Solar Warehouse possess. These resounding actions connect with people while separating and highlighting the industries best.

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