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German Made Solar Systems Remain a Viable Solution Through Increased Scale

German made solar equipment often has an increased capital requirement for long-term energy investors. When specific alternative manufacturing processes don’t complement a suitable medium to long-term investment strategy, an excellent justification for the added capital expenditure can be justified. Durability, testing practices, and quality control over 3x greater than IEC standards ensure an end product that performs well beyond the expected life in even the most arduous conditions. 

Since 2014, Perth Solar Warehouse has improved languishing adoption rates through scale by resonating with market sentiment where the desirability for German made solar components remain—proving that reduced uptake was more a result of a lack of accessibility. An overall product suite adjustment has now ensured a hub for consumers seeking a German made solar specialist with unrivalled choice. A simple concept that benefits the consumer beyond expectation.

Further complimenting the change, an online retail presence removes the added cost of exorbitant sales commissions built into the price of alternative products in the market. Centrally located for diverse, the Perth (Cockburn Central) based warehouse & office makes for quick dispatch, customer collection or fast turnaround of installed solar systems.

Shifting to an online-only retail presence was a risk. However, online shop fronts reduce sales-related expenses for consumers who know what they want. In turn, the savings are passed on to the customer, further assisting German solar infrastructure adoption against cost-competitive Chinese products. While supply chains continue to accommodate German made solar accessibility, Perth Solar Warehouse will continue to provide these high-end solutions to consumers.

In time, the internet will keep most solar businesses honest in the modern world, as consumers now possess a louder voice than ever before, thanks to the emergence of social media in the last decade. The same social media in which Perth Solar Warehouse relies on honest customer feedback as referrals to generate continued new business. An evergreen approach.

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