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Couple using the Bluetti AC180P on a park table with appliances plugged in as a portable power supply

Perth Solar Warehouse Becomes an Authorised Bluetti Stockist

As the demand for energy convenience increases, so does the demand for dependable and safe portable power supplies. Perth Solar Warehouse, a leading solar and battery supplier of turnkey sustainable energy systems [WA: Top 5], diversifies into camping and portable supplies through the Bluetti product suite.

Portable power systems are undoubtedly on the rise. However, with recent media headlines about lithium battery fires [broadly], it’s essential to identify the quality brands available in the portable power supply space. The Perth Solar Warehouse product suite targets innovative brands with high customer success globally to ensure improved reputational outcomes. Bluetti has a solid history of high customer success throughout America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Therefore, it seems only fitting that such customer satisfaction will continue in Australia, specifically Western Australia.

In a relatively new technology space, very few ‘known’ brands of portable power supplies exist. However, Bluetti has become synonymous with those investing in dependable off-grid solutions.

Customers can purchase Bluetti portable power supplies and solar panels from Bluetti directly online. However, suppose you’re seeking a hands-on buying experience to test your loads/appliances before committing to the investment. In that case, Perth Solar Warehouse provides a more classic in-store approach, combining technical know-how at the point of sale with the bonus of using your Bluetti immediately.

Value guarantee: Perth Solar Warehouse is committed to a Bluetti website price match or better on ‘in-stock’ premium model items.

View the Bluetti range available at Perth Solar Warehouse.

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