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PSW Energy Research Centre by Perth Solar Warehouse A New Customer Experience

From October 2017, Perth Solar Warehouse closed the gap through the newly established PSW Energy brand to offer Perth Solar Warehouse infrastructure/services to a broader market. With a continued commitment to outstanding service and a refined digitally accessible product suite, PSW Energy provides a uniquely identifiable and leading reputation.

A  design and an extensive product offering reaching a broader consumer base are the driving factors behind PSW Energy. In February 2018, a new online shop front to better showcase the technically advanced energy-saving product line began construction. In April 2018, Perth Solar Warehouse began referring existing specified pages to the new PSW Energy online store. In May 2018, the new PSW Energy online store opened its doors to the public.

A dual-layered decision. When McKercher Corporation created Perth Solar Warehouse in 2011, it was the only “Perth Solar” labelled business in the market. With the rise in competitive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) space and the success of Perth Solar Warehouse online, many business competing businesses realised an unprecedented marketing opportunity.

McKercher Corporation Director Derek McKercher mentioned, “It (Perth Solar Warehouse) is an interesting name to claim intellectual property rights to. IP Australia is reluctant to recognise a trademark infringement involving a capital city and other complex particulars (industry references). Considering the established nature of Perth Solar Warehouse online and the quality knowledgebase offered, as an organisation, we believe PSW Energy will be able to flourish without the ongoing confusion with alternative ‘Perth Solar’ labelled suppliers”. 

A broader business branding also facilitates opportunities and diversity for the business beyond Perth and Solar specific markets.

Pre-2013, the local Western Australian market endured a lack of high-end infrastructure supply for consumers with a long-term energy investment strategy. Perth Solar Warehouse bridged a gap for consumers researching online for German-made components and alternative high-end solar products. 

Since the dawn of the scaled consumer uptake of photovoltaics to offset energy consumption (2007 -2009), the conversation has existed mainly around primary solar system size and available tariffs to evoke an energy bill reduction. Fast forward ten years, and the industry is on the brink, if not already in the process of evolution. With limited design parameters and better technology, self-generated power supplies are more than just solar panels and an inverter. It’s more than self-generation. Modern homes and businesses must be more intelligent to master bill reduction and net zero carbon emissions. More innovative appliances and software alongside energy storage form the basis of a modern sustainable energy solution. 

McKercher Corporation’s vision for PSW Energy is to empower and educate users towards sustainable energy adoption. 

A testament to the localised success and to ensure transparency for past and present customers, the Perth Solar Warehouse name remains as the acronym forming PSW Energy. “Everything remains the same, existing warranty obligations, contact numbers, staff, location, ownership, all we’re doing is redefining our position in the market where potential confusion could arise,” said Derek McKercher.

A flagship business by Mckercher Corporation, PSW Energy will receive increased investment to achieve its goals within a competitive market. However, the overall organisational focus remains broad. New developments are in the pipeline in alternative business models. The primary objective for the immediate future is to develop the PSW Energy brand and bolster existing businesses. 

Visit the new PSW Energy experience

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