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Tesla Certified Premium Installer 2024 - PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse wall paper

High Distinction: Tesla Premium Certified Installer 2024

January 2024: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse is recognised as a Tesla Premium Certified Installer for the third consecutive year. With an enduring commitment to high-quality and deep product suite knowledge, Tesla Premium Certified Installers represent only 5% of Tesla Energy product installers. Such distinction aims to assist customers in fine-tuning their installer selection towards superior Tesla product outcomes.

Tesla Premium Certified Installers are selected based on a committed fulfilment of criteria essential to the long-term growth of sustainable energy. It’s important to note that once attained, Tesla Premium recognition is never guaranteed. It’s an evolution of aligned core beliefs towards superior self-sustainable power supplies for all. That’s why an inherent importance exists around accurate implementation–a local business most likely to support your energy security long-term.

Derek McKercher [McKercher Corporation, Director] welcomed the strengthened local relationship between the two organisations as pivotal in enduring manufacturer-to-local business relationships.

“A direct relationship over an enduring period has allowed PSW to assist Tesla’s mission towards broader adoption of sustainable energy products for more. Additionally, customers prefer fewer [distributor] layers of complexity, especially where warranty concerns arise.”

Derek McKercher

Proving to be one of the world’s most advanced companies towards independent electrification, Tesla has earned a reputation for attention to detail to earn success. Therefore, why not seek within its top 5% of installation partners where long-term energy security exists? There is no warranty if a product installation doesn’t meet manufacturer specifications. Tesla Certified Premium Installers are Tesla’s most trusted brand partners. McKercher Corporation welcomes this continued trusted recognition of it’s subsidiaries PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse.

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