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Kate Rutherford pictured holding a glass of champagne for the Tesla Energy Performance Excellence Award

Tesla Performance Excellence Award, Q4, 2023

PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse acquired the Tesla Performance Excellence Award through a 362% year-on-year (YoY) growth for Powerwall sales in Q4, 2023, cementing their position as Perth’s leading Tesla Energy product supplier in 2024—a result reflecting preferred consumer patterns for digitalised purchasing options aligned with local market knowledge.

PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse provide profound knowledge-sharing opportunities for customers to perform in-depth product research for suitability without typical in-home consultation services, relieving additional expenses previously normalised with laborious sales consultancies. The process influencing the ability to streamline services consists of 90% of installations suitable for remote product compatibility auditing and proven customer outcomes [4.8/5] from Tesla internal surveys.

A testament to team collaboration, the awarded subsidiaries of McKercher Corporation provide a user-friendly purchasing experience complemented by using in-house service technicians for superior quality control along the customer journey. Such recognition is only possible with all staff contributing to a shared customer-centric focus. McKercher Corporation would like to recognise all staff who improve the adoption of Tesla Energy products so that more customers can experience enhanced Powerwall benefits.

The Tesla Performance Excellence Award compliments PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse’s reinstated Tesla Premium Certified Installer 24 recognition for a third consecutive year. Tesla Premium Certified Installers are among Tesla’s top 5% of local installers (Australia) through superior reputation and improved customer outcomes. The Tesla Performance Excellence Award further compliments this esteemed recognition.

Further sources: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse

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