Perth’s Inaugural PSW & Tesla Energy Tech Talk 2023

Powerwall 2 in the shadows (black & white) for the inaugural Tesla Energy Tech Talk in Perth Western Australia

The journey toward electrification and energy self-sufficiency in the past has proven to be quite complex. However, it doesn’t need to be. On November 16, 2023, PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse, alongside Tesla Energy, hosted a Tesla Energy Tech Talk in Perth, Western Australia.

Overwhelming demand saw RSVP capacity exhausted within 48 hours. The response comes as Western Australian energy consumers seek to improve their self-sufficiency while gaining a greater understanding of the most advanced technology available for home storage integration. After a round of detailed insight by three guest speakers within their respective fields (including Derek McKercher, McKercher Corporation Director and CTO for PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse), attendees could participate in an open panel discussion with some of the future-focused minds. Proving engaging, customers discussed openly bespoke circumstances, where question marks may have lingered.

As McKercher Corporation subsidiaries, PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse share a common goal of assisting in the simplified and expedited adoption of sustainable energy, with a high degree of positivity from users. Perhaps more important as an organisation, is staff recognition who also commit to a shared belief, and this is a time when a magnitude of staff appreciation is necessary. McKercher Corporation staff for PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse, who attended the Tech Talk at Tesla Osborne Park (Western Australia), contributed significantly to ensure attendees curious about attaining a greater self-sufficient electrification journey, had every opportunity to be comfortable. Your support identifies a shared belief amongst all towards a future with better outcomes. Thank you.

Huawei FusionSolar to Vacate the Australian Solar Market


From 2024, all second-generation Huawei solar technologies entering the Australian market will become iStore. The move comes as political reaction leaves a sour taste for the telecommunications giant whose solar inverter business is less than 1% of the company revenue globally, deeming the Australian market more of a complication towards achieving long-term goals.

Headquartered in Chatswood, NSW (North of Sydney), Huawei will remain in Australia at a reduced capacity, providing support for existing technologies in the field and the upcoming iStore solar suite of Huawei Gen2 solar hardware in an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) capacity. It’s widely known that Solargain PV is a significant investor in the iStore product range, which should provide a level of Australian-owned consumer confidence in the technology.

However, what is confirmed is that iStore-labelled products will operate only with iStore firmware/software and not Huawei FusionSolar. Therefore, devices will not be cross-compatible (for example, iStore battery on a Huawei inverter). Existing Huawei inverter owners must seek a Huawei battery for hybrid inverter compatibility and vice versa.

McKercher Corporation subsidiaries, PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse, have an enduring history with Huawei solar products thanks to a stable reputation since the breakthrough launch in 2018. However, with user experience heavily centred around software in 2023, proof of sufficient form and function is required. We wish iStore all the best in a new chapter, continuing the outstanding reputation Huawei has introduced with its energy technology.

PSW Energy Awarded as Founding Australian SMA Power-Up Partner

SMA manufacturing headquarters Kassel Germany with SMA logo in prominence, blue sky and green lawn an a clear, sunny day.

The world’s most iconic solar inverter brand makes another bold move towards exclusivity. SMA Solar Technology launched the SMA Power-Up program in Australia in January 2019 to affiliate the brand with technically astute retailers/installers. Nominated from industry peers, PSW Energy is a part of the first 25 businesses across Australia, with four established in Perth, Western Australia.

The benefits occur at every level in this instance. Rewarded are installers with additional product benefits to offer end-users. In contrast, end-users become rewarded by attaining an installer with an intimate knowledge of the inverter, its capabilities, and the ability to look after a customer long-term.

Never before has an inverter brand set out to exclude installers from additional sales opportunities. However, with an excessive amount of installation companies unable to survive past the five year mark while leveraging off the back of an inverter’s good reputation, change in this aspect is outstanding progress for the energy transition industry.

Founding SMA Power-Up partners, Western Australia:

  1. PSW Energy (residential)
  2. Advanced Energy Resources (commercial)
  3. Australis Solar (residential)
  4. DNX Energy (residential)

The success of the SMA Power-Up program has seen many installers across Australia vying for a position on the much-converted list. Not only solar installers, but the trend is becoming replicated amongst alternative manufacturers to ensure higher quality control and improved life expectancy of the products.

Image: McKercher Corporation Director Derek McKercher (Left) and SMA Australia Managing Director Michael Rutt (right) at the inaugural SMA Power-UP Partner launch event, Sydney.

After the initial launch, SMA expects to ramp up the SMA Power-Up program eligibility to a further 75 businesses nationwide. Ensuring a restricted group of 100 means-tested installers out of a possible 5000 solar companies throughout Australia is another step towards greater consumer confidence when buying sustainable energy products.

Continue exploring the benefits of the SMA Power-Up Program via PSW Energy, an inaugural and trusted SMA partner