Aiko solar panels to add fierce competition in Australia

Q2, 2024, Aiko Solar will arrive in Australia, adding fierce competition in the ultra-high efficiency stakes. Primarily a world-leading manufacturer in cell shipments (Rank: 2nd, 2023, source: InfoLink), the technology and value incorporated within Aiko solar panels initial release, the Neostar 2S, will surely appeal to many purchasers and vendors in the mid-range premium system sector.

Aiko and key Australian distributors have finalised distribution agreements with four high-profile strategic partners: Solar Juice, Sol Distribution, AC Solar Warehouse, and Tradezone. Mckercher Corporation subsidiaries PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse have committed to becoming one of Australia’s installers for Aiko Solar panels as part of a turnkey solution.

Left to right: Grant Behrendorff – AC Solar Warehouse, Elio Cordaro – Sol Distribution,  Alex Hang – Aiko, Rami Fedda – Solar Juice,  Tradezone.

Before the distribution signing, Aiko Australia’s Key Account Manager, Ross Crawford, delivered an in-depth product overview at the product launch. However, he singled out McKercher Corporation Director Derek McKercher to share the moment unveiling the Aiko solar panel range. “About six weeks ago, when I updated my LinkedIn profile to show I was now working for Aiko, I very quickly received an excited phone call from a good friend and solar business owner, Derek McKercher, from Perth Solar Warehouse. Derek was over the moon that I had joined Aiko, and he began to talk to me about how he had been watching Aiko for some time now. It was great to see the Aiko technology reach Australian shores. In the weeks since, Derek has been putting together some great content anticipating Aiko launching in Australia. I want to invite Derek to unveil our product offering…”

Derek McKercher unveiling the Aiko Neostar ABC n-type residential solar panel at the Aiko launch event, Cockle Bay, Sydney during Ross Crawford's key note presentation.

Image: Ross Crawford (left) Derek McKercher (right) unveiling the new Aiko Neostar ABC N-Type solar panel range for the Australian market.

Customers can rest assured that we’re committed to delivering the most advanced solar and sustainable energy technology. As an Intersolar and Reddot design awardee for 2023, Aiko Solar has subjected its design to innovative scrutiny and prevailed among its peers from two of the most decorated awards on the global circuit.

Among an elite calibre, REC Alpha Pure previously acquired the 2022 Instersolar award for innovation based on its lead-free HJT (heterojunction technology). In 2021, LONGi Solar added Galium dopping to its wafers, mitigating the effects of performance degradation usually associated with conventional P-Type solar panels in the Hi-MO 5. With high recognition for module innovation and design, Aiko Solar looks set to be a revered name on the Australian landscape.

Unlike alternative leading module efficiency innovators, pricing guidance is a likely 20% premium over alternative mainstream market options–a less conventional premium for an efficiency title holder that is almost sure to attract instant local market traction.

Aiko Solar panels are now available for pre-order at PSW Energy as part of a turnkey solar package.

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Note: originally posted on February 19, 2024, this post has been updated to incorporate the Aiko launch event at Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney on March 5, 2024.

Huawei FusionSolar to Vacate the Australian Solar Market


From 2024, all second-generation Huawei solar technologies entering the Australian market will become iStore. The move comes as political reaction leaves a sour taste for the telecommunications giant whose solar inverter business is less than 1% of the company revenue globally, deeming the Australian market more of a complication towards achieving long-term goals.

Headquartered in Chatswood, NSW (North of Sydney), Huawei will remain in Australia at a reduced capacity, providing support for existing technologies in the field and the upcoming iStore solar suite of Huawei Gen2 solar hardware in an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) capacity. It’s widely known that Solargain PV, is a significant investor in the iStore product range, which should provide a level of Australian-owned consumer confidence in the technology.

Testing has commenced, and what is confirmed is that iStore-labelled storage units can operate with previous-generation Huawei-labelled inverters. However, Huawei FusionSolar historical data will not come over to the new iStore ‘Universe’ platform, which is required to accept the iStore battery onto the existing Huawei inverter. A scenario that could change with future developments. This comes as great news for existing Huawei inverter owners with a supported second-generation battery available for uptake.

McKercher Corporation subsidiaries, PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse have an enduring history with Huawei solar products thanks to a stable reputation since the breakthrough launch in 2018. A decision to vacate the Australian market entirely would further distance Australia from global technology advancements and innovation. The iStore brand has arrested such a scenario and ensures Australians can still benefit from an outstanding sustainable energy product suite. We wish iStore and the ‘Universe’ platform all the best in a new chapter, continuing the outstanding reputation Huawei has introduced with its energy technology. PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse will continue prioritising the most beneficial products for their customers.

This post has been amended from its original format. The previous post stated that the iStore battery and Huawei inverter would not be cross-compatible.

Perth Solar Warehouse Provides Sustainable Energy Infrastructure to an Astute Local Demographic

Solar Panels Perth WA by Perth Solar Warehouse


McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd has officially launched a new implementation department for the Perth solar sector. The launch comes after an extensive 24-month research and development period. The advanced installation service department is to commence exclusively with principal brand Perth Solar Warehouse (formerly Power Made Easy).

Facilitating an elite installation component for solar power systems in Australia is a process of refinement. A formula of unique installation methods assisted with advanced technology allows the service department to remain cost competitive to the industry average. Employing a rigged process adaptable to diverse and unique projects enables our exclusive service department to offer industry leading warranties on all fronts. A must when implementing advanced technologies


The real beauty is the simplicity behind the new Perth Solar Warehouse exclusive installation department. An evolution of what is expected by trade services. Solar power in its designed form is a sustainable energy technology. However, a product is only ever as good as it’s maker, no matter what materials one utilises. With this new structure, Mckercher Corporation can ensure solar photovoltaic power is a lasting, experience for anyone.

An exciting development within McKercher Corporation and one of which will enable future projects to evolve efficiently through solid implementation foundations. As McKercher Corporation expands to a new level, key businesses withing the McKercher corporation group are intended to grow alongside the developments to ensure diversity through the company.