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Powerwall 2 in the shadows (black & white) for the inaugural Tesla Energy Tech Talk in Perth Western Australia

Perth’s Inaugural PSW & Tesla Energy Tech Talk

The journey toward electrification and energy self-sufficiency in the past has proven to be quite complex. However, it doesn’t need to be. On November 16, 2023, PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse, alongside Tesla Energy, hosted a Tesla Energy Tech Talk in Perth, Western Australia.

Overwhelming demand saw RSVP capacity exhausted within 48 hours. The response comes as Western Australian energy consumers seek to improve their self-sufficiency while gaining a greater understanding of the most advanced technology available for home storage integration. After a round of detailed insight by three guest speakers within their respective fields (including Derek McKercher, McKercher Corporation Director and CTO for PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse), attendees could participate in an open panel discussion with some of the future-focused minds. Proving engaging, customers discussed openly bespoke circumstances, where question marks may have lingered.

As McKercher Corporation subsidiaries, PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse share a common goal of assisting in the simplified and expedited adoption of sustainable energy, with a high degree of positivity from users. Perhaps more important as an organisation, is staff recognition who also commit to a shared belief, and this is a time when a magnitude of staff appreciation is necessary. McKercher Corporation staff for PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse, who attended the Tech Talk at Tesla Osborne Park (Western Australia), contributed significantly to ensure attendees curious about attaining a greater self-sufficient electrification journey, had every opportunity to be comfortable. Your support identifies a shared belief amongst all towards a future with better outcomes. Thank you.

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