Perth Solar Warehouse Becomes an Authorised Bluetti Stockist

Couple using the Bluetti AC180P on a park table with appliances plugged in as a portable power supply

As the demand for energy convenience increases, so does the demand for dependable and safe portable power supplies. Perth Solar Warehouse, a leading solar and battery supplier of turnkey sustainable energy systems [WA: Top 5], diversifies into camping and portable supplies through the Bluetti product suite.

Portable power systems are undoubtedly on the rise. However, with recent media headlines about lithium battery fires [broadly], it’s essential to identify the quality brands available in the portable power supply space. The Perth Solar Warehouse product suite targets innovative brands with high customer success globally to ensure improved reputational outcomes. Bluetti has a solid history of high customer success throughout America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Therefore, it seems only fitting that such customer satisfaction will continue in Australia, specifically Western Australia.

In a relatively new technology space, very few ‘known’ brands of portable power supplies exist. However, Bluetti has become synonymous with those investing in dependable off-grid solutions.

Customers can purchase Bluetti portable power supplies and solar panels from Bluetti directly online. However, suppose you’re seeking a hands-on buying experience to test your loads/appliances before committing to the investment. In that case, Perth Solar Warehouse provides a more classic in-store approach, combining technical know-how at the point of sale with the bonus of using your Bluetti immediately.

Value guarantee: Perth Solar Warehouse is committed to a Bluetti website price match or better on ‘in-stock’ premium model items.

View the Bluetti range available at Perth Solar Warehouse.

Sigenergy Partners with Perth Solar Warehouse

Sigenergy SigenStor top left corner with LED light ray.

May 2024: Perth Solar Warehouse announces retailer partnership with energy innovator Sigenergy. Presenting its innovative software-first product foundation, Sigenergy’s initial release to the Australian market is a new generation of energy storage and control, SigenStor. Identified as the dawn of the digital battery era, Sigenstor encompasses a simplified all-in-one solar and storage solution, gaining rapid adoption in Europe and Asia. Fortuitously, this digital era defining product suite is now available for Australia.

Already making waves throughout Europe with an operating system (OS) focused, software-first design and shifting preconceived norms where inverter and battery manufacturers are primarily hardware manufacturers who evolve into software development secondary. It is an afterthought that could prove limited with any company seeking mainstream market appeal beyond 2030 as modern user experience compliments improved “smarter” energy utilisation. 

Founder Tony Xu [ex-Huawei FusionSolar and Ascend AI President] discovered the limitations of hardware-first designs imposed in the new generation of energy management through his previous high-profile business and technical roles. Sigenergy is a testament to where the next chapter of sustainable energy technology begins.

5 in One Sigenergy-SIGENSTOR render

Sigenenergy Sigenstor five-in-one energy solution: Solar Inverter, DC EV charger, Battery Control System, Battery Pack, and Electronic Management System.

Sigenergy brings together much more than improved harmonisation between integral components. Certain hardware elements now answer the pivotal questions most seek in a sustainable energy solution. Despite its well-covered, five-in-one product nature, SigenStor’s versatility exceeds any current market offering. 

Battery modules are flexible. With Sigenstor, there is no need to match a 5 kWh battery configuration throughout the modularity. If one’s ideal storage requirement is 13 kWh, combine a 5 kWh and 8 kWh Sigen Battery Module configuration. Matching SoC (State of Charge) when expanding later is now a thing of the past. Shift the focus, and the EV DC Charger is the mainstream market first, yet much more. The V2X bidirectional charging features convert a compatible vehicle and power supply into increased energy density for a given property. Nothing like this exists in Australia to date, nor is anything announced on the horizon. Sigenergy has entered the market with a resounding impact.

It is a unique solution that is certain to appeal to many through its adaptability and almost unlimited design possibilities. Perth Solar Warehouse is committed to delivering one of the first all-encompassing SigenStor demonstration systems for customers to interact with before purchasing. Related: Sigenergy Defines a New Digital Battery Era ›

Discover Sigenergy in Person

Look, touch, interact. Customers can view Sigenergy’s Sigenstor on display from Monday, July 1st, 2024, at the PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse display centre, 3/90 Discovery Drive, Bibra Lake, WA. To ensure the time and direct attention many customers prefer, all that is requested is to book an appointment due to a limited number of sales support staff at a nominated time. 

PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse

Image: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse display centre. 3/90 Discovery Drive, Bibra Lake, WA.

“We plan to offer one of the first all-encompassing Sigenergy solar, battery, DC EV Charger and Sigen operating systems for potential owners to interact with, available by the 5th of August 2024, due to three-phase controller and DC EV charger certifications pending with the CEC” mentions Derek McKercher [Director]. Customers can order the single-phase Sigenstor variants from Perth Solar Warehouse for installation (without the DC EV charger) from July 2024 for installation within the Perth and Bunbury regions of Western Australia.

With McKercher Corporation subsidiary Perth Solar Warehouse announcing the adoption of Sigenergy’s SigenStor system among its leading energy storage options, including Tesla, Sungrow, and Goodwe, PSW Energy has now followed suit [May 12, 2024] for broader region customers to consider. 

Perth Solar Warehouse provides turnkey (installed) solar, battery and EV charging solutions to the greater Perth region of Western Australia. PSW Energy offers Perth Solar Warehouse’s leading products for more to enjoy with a user-friendly and native online shopping experience, reducing barriers and expenses associated with a premium service. PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse are McKercher Corporation businesses with a local dealer and service guarantee supported by 20 years of business history.

Perth Solar Warehouse: Sigenergy’s SigenStor is a game-changer for Australia ›

Aiko solar panels to add fierce competition in Australia

Q2, 2024, Aiko Solar will arrive in Australia, adding fierce competition in the ultra-high efficiency stakes. Primarily a world-leading manufacturer in cell shipments (Rank: 2nd, 2023, source: InfoLink), the technology and value incorporated within Aiko solar panels initial release, the Neostar 2S, will surely appeal to many purchasers and vendors in the mid-range premium system sector.

Aiko and key Australian distributors have finalised distribution agreements with four high-profile strategic partners: Solar Juice, Sol Distribution, AC Solar Warehouse, and Tradezone. Mckercher Corporation subsidiaries PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse have committed to becoming one of Australia’s installers for Aiko Solar panels as part of a turnkey solution.

Left to right: Grant Behrendorff – AC Solar Warehouse, Elio Cordaro – Sol Distribution,  Alex Hang – Aiko, Rami Fedda – Solar Juice,  Tradezone.

Before the distribution signing, Aiko Australia’s Key Account Manager, Ross Crawford, delivered an in-depth product overview at the product launch. However, he singled out McKercher Corporation Director Derek McKercher to share the moment unveiling the Aiko solar panel range. “About six weeks ago, when I updated my LinkedIn profile to show I was now working for Aiko, I very quickly received an excited phone call from a good friend and solar business owner, Derek McKercher, from Perth Solar Warehouse. Derek was over the moon that I had joined Aiko, and he began to talk to me about how he had been watching Aiko for some time now. It was great to see the Aiko technology reach Australian shores. In the weeks since, Derek has been putting together some great content anticipating Aiko launching in Australia. I want to invite Derek to unveil our product offering…”

Derek McKercher unveiling the Aiko Neostar ABC n-type residential solar panel at the Aiko launch event, Cockle Bay, Sydney during Ross Crawford's key note presentation.

Image: Ross Crawford (left) Derek McKercher (right) unveiling the new Aiko Neostar ABC N-Type solar panel range for the Australian market.

Customers can rest assured that we’re committed to delivering the most advanced solar and sustainable energy technology. As an Intersolar and Reddot design awardee for 2023, Aiko Solar has subjected its design to innovative scrutiny and prevailed among its peers from two of the most decorated awards on the global circuit.

Among an elite calibre, REC Alpha Pure previously acquired the 2022 Instersolar award for innovation based on its lead-free HJT (heterojunction technology). In 2021, LONGi Solar added Galium dopping to its wafers, mitigating the effects of performance degradation usually associated with conventional P-Type solar panels in the Hi-MO 5. With high recognition for module innovation and design, Aiko Solar looks set to be a revered name on the Australian landscape.

Unlike alternative leading module efficiency innovators, pricing guidance is a likely 20% premium over alternative mainstream market options–a less conventional premium for an efficiency title holder that is almost sure to attract instant local market traction.

Aiko Solar panels are now available for pre-order at PSW Energy as part of a turnkey solar package.

Product review: The Aiko Solar panels set to revolutionise the Australian market ›

Note: originally posted on February 19, 2024, this post has been updated to incorporate the Aiko launch event at Cockle Bay Wharf in Sydney on March 5, 2024.

Sunwiz Awards 2024: PSW is a Top 5 Solar Company in WA

Derek McKercher with arms folded and smiling with Sunwiz Awards 2024 logos in the top left corner

Before a March 7th, 2024 ceremony, Sunwiz, an industry market intelligence provider, pre-announced PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse as a Top 5 solar installer collaborating submitted Solar Panel Verification data. SPV data is used to notify the Clean Energy Regulator of solar panels connected to the grid as Part of the Small Technology Certificate (subsidy) scheme. Complementing such an achievement was a Best Installer award through verified customer experiences.

Top 5 Combined Western Australia: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse polled 4th overall and ranked as one of the state’s most popular choice providers of solar energy systems. Leading volume was never a core focus for PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse, although an outstanding reputation and improved online purchasing experience have had a flow-on effect on customers.

Best Rated Australia, Top 20: At the core of PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse is customer experience. 2024 saw a 12th overall polling compared to other Australian companies in the Best Rated — Most Popular of the Sunwiz Awards, measuring at least 150 reviews from two or more trusted review platforms with a greater than 4.8 customer rating average. PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse measured 4.85 over Google [4.81] and [4.88] for the 2023 calendar year.

Tesla Performance Excellence Award, Q4, 2023

Kate Rutherford pictured holding a glass of champagne for the Tesla Energy Performance Excellence Award

PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse acquired the Tesla Performance Excellence Award through a 362% year-on-year (YoY) growth for Powerwall sales in Q4, 2023, cementing their position as Perth’s leading Tesla Energy product supplier in 2024—a result reflecting preferred consumer patterns for digitalised purchasing options aligned with local market knowledge.

PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse provide profound knowledge-sharing opportunities for customers to perform in-depth product research for suitability without typical in-home consultation services, relieving additional expenses previously normalised with laborious sales consultancies. The process influencing the ability to streamline services consists of 90% of installations suitable for remote product compatibility auditing and proven customer outcomes [4.8/5] from Tesla internal surveys.

A testament to team collaboration, the awarded subsidiaries of McKercher Corporation provide a user-friendly purchasing experience complemented by using in-house service technicians for superior quality control along the customer journey. Such recognition is only possible with all staff contributing to a shared customer-centric focus. McKercher Corporation would like to recognise all staff who improve the adoption of Tesla Energy products so that more customers can experience enhanced Powerwall benefits.

The Tesla Performance Excellence Award compliments PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse’s reinstated Tesla Premium Certified Installer 24 recognition for a third consecutive year. Tesla Premium Certified Installers are among Tesla’s top 5% of local installers (Australia) through superior reputation and improved customer outcomes. The Tesla Performance Excellence Award further compliments this esteemed recognition.

Further sources: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse

High Distinction: Tesla Premium Certified Installer 2024

Tesla Certified Premium Installer 2024 - PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse wall paper

January 2024: PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse is recognised as a Tesla Premium Certified Installer for the third consecutive year. With an enduring commitment to high-quality and deep product suite knowledge, Tesla Premium Certified Installers represent only 5% of Tesla Energy product installers. Such distinction aims to assist customers in fine-tuning their installer selection towards superior Tesla product outcomes.

Tesla Premium Certified Installers are selected based on a committed fulfilment of criteria essential to the long-term growth of sustainable energy. It’s important to note that once attained, Tesla Premium recognition is never guaranteed. It’s an evolution of aligned core beliefs towards superior self-sustainable power supplies for all. That’s why an inherent importance exists around accurate implementation–a local business most likely to support your energy security long-term.

Derek McKercher [McKercher Corporation, Director] welcomed the strengthened local relationship between the two organisations as pivotal in enduring manufacturer-to-local business relationships.

“A direct relationship over an enduring period has allowed PSW to assist Tesla’s mission towards broader adoption of sustainable energy products for more. Additionally, customers prefer fewer [distributor] layers of complexity, especially where warranty concerns arise.”

Derek McKercher

Proving to be one of the world’s most advanced companies towards independent electrification, Tesla has earned a reputation for attention to detail to earn success. Therefore, why not seek within its top 5% of installation partners where long-term energy security exists? There is no warranty if a product installation doesn’t meet manufacturer specifications. Tesla Certified Premium Installers are Tesla’s most trusted brand partners. McKercher Corporation welcomes this continued trusted recognition of it’s subsidiaries PSW Energy and Perth Solar Warehouse.

Subsidiaries Attain Solar Quotes Legendary Ranking

Solar Quotes Legendary PSW Energy Perth Solar Warehouse

The world of sustainable energy is evolving at virtually break-neck speed, and it’s easy to become swept up in the hype. However, sustainable energy isn’t new. It’s rapidly evolved over 15 years in Australia, building tangible customer satisfaction data from established businesses committed to long-term positive outcomes.

Attaining’s most coveted status – Legendary installer ranking, PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse is among Australia’s Top 10 solar companies on the platform for customer satisfaction: rating x volume x time. With more than 200 reviews within the last three years and an average review score of at least 4.85 / 5.0, only ten companies Australia-wide have achieved similar status.

Therefore, it should be relatively easy to discern the ideal alignment for your investment. Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems when operators aim to influence a narrative with a less customer-centric approach. An ex-CSIRO Engineer (Finn Peacock) identified such occurrences and began an ambitious task of making the water a little less mirky.

Related post:  Acknowledged by Time magazine, it’s now known that 2023 is the year of Taylor Swift due to a rising global influence and standards of female empowerment depending on one’s views—honourable mention, Sam Altman (Chat GPT), Time magazine CEO of the year. A lot less international, but influencing positive outcomes for the globe and energy consumers within Western Australia, 2023 is the year PSW Energy, Perth Solar Warehouse appeared on the radar of many high-calibre analysts. Continue reading ›

As data is often subjective, few leaderboards are available to consumers researching installers within their local area. However, on a customer satisfaction level, one mechanism exists for consumers to better discern installer credibility in highly competitive locations such as Australian capital cities. Regarding installer qualification, consider the Best Solar Installer Rating system to assist in making an energy investment decision.

Top 10 Solar Companies Australia 2023: Perth Solar Warehouse

Top 10 Solar Companies Australia 2023 Perth Solar Warehouse

May 2023: McKercher Corporation business receives recognition for outstanding customer satisfaction in sustainable energy products. Presented at the Smart Energy Council Awards Ceremony, Sunwiz solar market intelligence provider recognised Perth Solar Warehouse as one of the Top 10 solar companies in Australia 2023 due to a high customer satisfaction rating across diverse platforms.

Held on May 4th 2023, on the final day of the Smart Energy Council Conference and Exhibition, Sunwiz, a solar market intelligence provider, delivered Australia’s most recognised installer awards to assist consumers discern who genuinely are the Top companies within their respective fields. Sunwiz accesses industry data from a non-bias perspective to deliver broad-spectrum knowledge to sustainable energy investors.

When assessed amongst competing Australian solar energy providers, Perth Solar Warehouse received two high-distinction awards: 

  • Top 100 Companies for an Overall consumer rating 2023 (Australia-wide).
  • Top 10 Solar Companies Australia 2023, Most Popular Retailer.

What makes this achievement quite resounding is the Australia-wide classification when Perth Solar Warehouse operates solely in the Perth and Bunbury regions of Western Australia.

Being recognised as a 2023 Top 10 Most Popular Solar Company in Australia is an achievement for all staff involved along the journey. PSW staff committed to the goal of outstanding customer focus. They are the fabric of Perth Solar Warehouse, and this award is a testament to sustained customer centricity over time. Thank you to all who have contributed to outstanding customer focus along the journey.

Derek McKercher

Using available data across diverse reviewing platforms that considered the Top 10 solar companies have in common, PSW Energy deciphered the overall Top 10 Solar Companies in Perth by consumer satisfaction ratings. When comparing companies, it’s important to compare multiple reviewing platforms for review legitimacy, as certain companies will focus energy on drowning out negative reviews. A warning sign in such a scenario is high review counts and minimal review text. Most people leave genuine reviews because they want to, and it’s easy to discern. Honest reviews come from an inspired place, a place more profound than a five-word sentence.

Sunwiz solar industry market intelligence has identified these aspects alongside volume data when evaluating the Top 10 solar companies in Australia 2023. Perth Solar Warehouse is a proud recipient of such esteemed recognition.

Huawei Elite Reseller Award: PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse

Huawei Elite Reseller Installer fitting a Huawei Inverter to the wall

Three Australian businesses have been recognised as inaugural Huawei Elite Resellers for exceptional product knowledge and customer support. Achieved through associated brands Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy, McKercher Corporation was proud to be announced as one of Australia’s first Huawei Elite Resellers.

The inaugural Huawei Digital Power Ecosystem Partner Summit 2021 was hosted as a virtual event in the wake of Covid-19 international travel restrictions to over 5000 attendees worldwide as part of the conclusion to the Shanghai New Energy Conference (SNEC) 2021 – the world’s largest renewable energy conference.

A diverse product offering, Huawei’s expanded product suite (beyond telecommunications) includes associated solar generation technologies set to be a pivotal component within all self-generated power supplies.

Li Jian, Huawei’s President of Global Marketing & Sales & Service (Digital Power) identified Huawei’s mission is to collaborate with technically astute specialist energy companies (Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy) to deliver a customer-centric energy transformation experience.

As a Huawei Elite Reseller, customers can expect advanced product knowledge from local experts with one of the most secure product warranty options available.

Quick Links: Huawei Elite Reseller Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy.

Increasing Investment in Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Business

PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse

McKercher Corporation expansion of associated brands Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy facilitates up to six times greater capacity potential. The move comes as product diversity of energy transition infrastructure increases ahead of 2022.

From April 1 2021, Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy jointly relocated to an increased capacity warehouse, head office and state-of-the-art showroom in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. The move appeases the growing consumer demand for solar, battery and electric vehicle charging technologies from a reputable Western Australian based source.

Broadening the diversity of product offerings for brand-aware shoppers and scaling direct purchasing relationships with manufacturers, Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy will relocate to the new facility in Q2 2021. An earlier than anticipated move as opposed to Q3/ Q4 2021, when consumer demand for energy storage technologies will increase exponentially.

McKercher Corporation’s continued investment into global electrification and sustainable energy infrastructure through Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy highlights consumer demand for energy transition technologies.

Visit the new Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy Research Centre, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm; 3/90 Discovery Dve, Bibra Lake, Western Australia, 6163 (Entry via Efficiency Way).

Further Information can be found on the contact section of each business: