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Inventing digital assets towards greater sensory engagement.


Gigabit Tech Studio

An innovative IT firm where brilliant minds inspire digital assets such as web applications, mobile applications, custom softwares, digital marketing strategy and implementation for better user experience.

Founded by Sujan Buhiyan and Derek McKercher in 2016, Gigabit Tech Studio is regarded as a trusted project partner alongside an ever growing range of inspired ideas internationally.  What is once the seed of an idea becomes superior digital asset with Gigabit Tech Studio.

From 2019 Gigabit Tech Studio is under transitional management.

To create perfection we must start with implementing the correct foundations. Digitally, to always achieve perfection, it is essential to maintain a constant state of evolution.


It all starts with an idea.

The next generation of personal technology has arrived. We now experience technology in ways that are no longer seen by eyes or by the click of a mouse, but are experienced with intellect and sensory engagement. 

Gigabit Tech Studio is where vision becomes reality. Within the realms of the digital era, if you can imagine it, Gigabit Tech can create it. Nothing is impossible, explore a world beyond limitation. A digital opportunity awaits at Gigabit Tech Studio.

Digital Developments

Intelligent Designs

Mobile Applications

Custom Software


Crafted by Gigabit creators

Innovative technology & design with limitless potential. Made with precision in Perth, Western Australia, a Gigabit Tech development is built to engage. Advanced technology utilising the greatest minds with impeccable attention to detail ensures proven results beyond comprehension.


Invent Digital with Gigabit Tech Studio

Consistent evolution

Advanced digital technology with the ability to perform now and adapt with ease to the future. Millions of finely tuned elements to which exude unparalleled greatness as a whole. Seemingly complicated components developed and presented in a manner for the ultimate ease of control, any time, day or night, by you – the user. Your ultimate digital asset is awaits.

Smarter energy

Serious ideas should never be compromised. A unique Gigabit Tech development is infused with a standard greater than average. If a vision is beyond ordinary, if a requirement is to surpass, if individuality is truly to stand out from the crowd, a small initial investment, is an amazing investment in prosperity. Never settle for a digital presence of less.