Sustainable Energy Transition An Immanent Requirement For Future Generations

Sustainable Energy - McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd

As the global population grows, improved quality of life and education is often associated with increased energy wealth. However, there is a direct correlation between increased energy generation demands and elevated carbon emissions beyond what can be negated by the Earth’s natural offset process. This is unsustainable energy.

We will continue to generate energy, as the benefits towards humanity at our current rate of increase are far greater than not. Through energy, high bandwidth global communication facilitates education in previously considered too remote global locations.

Access to education ensures a diverse global community that can thrive together and continue a consistent evolution with minimal conflict. However, increased knowledge is taking a toll on an ecosystem that has contributed to humanity’s evolutionary success. To consistently evolve, lower carbon energy with minimal environmental impact is a significant consideration for future generations.

Sustainable energy incorporates all elements of production. From the sourced resources, manufacturing or refining process through to emissions. Any generational source should have a service life of no less than 25 years (unless significantly superseded) while comprised of recyclable components. A sustainable energy transition considers an evergreen loop where humanity can consistently thrive.

Mass-sourced unsustainable energy powering life and transportation systems impact more than what is visible. It affects an ecosystem that supports life; the layers of oceans, depths of forests, surface temperatures and overall life enabling climate diversity.

It’s said, “the invention of the light bulb occurred by candlelight”. Using past means to evolve towards a better solution is never a problem. However, we must transition when a better, more sustainable solution is available, as the rewards are unquestionable.

McKercher Corporation businesses facilitate a required sustainable energy transition from foundations of knowledge.