Huawei Elite Reseller Award: PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse

Huawei Elite Reseller Installer fitting a Huawei Inverter to the wall

Three Australian businesses have been recognised as inaugural Huawei Elite Resellers for exceptional product knowledge and customer support. Achieved through associated brands Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy, McKercher Corporation was proud to be announced as one of Australia’s first Huawei Elite Resellers.

The inaugural Huawei Digital Power Ecosystem Partner Summit 2021 was hosted as a virtual event in the wake of Covid-19 international travel restrictions to over 5000 attendees worldwide as part of the conclusion to the Shanghai New Energy Conference (SNEC) 2021 – the world’s largest renewable energy conference.

A diverse product offering, Huawei’s expanded product suite (beyond telecommunications) includes associated solar generation technologies set to be a pivotal component within all self-generated power supplies.

Li Jian, Huawei’s President of Global Marketing & Sales & Service (Digital Power) identified Huawei’s mission is to collaborate with technically astute specialist energy companies (Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy) to deliver a customer-centric energy transformation experience.

As a Huawei Elite Reseller, customers can expect advanced product knowledge from local experts with one of the most secure product warranty options available.

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Increasing Investment in Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Business

PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse

McKercher Corporation expansion of associated brands Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy facilitates up to six times greater capacity potential. The move comes as product diversity of energy transition infrastructure increases ahead of 2022.

From April 1 2021, Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy jointly relocated to an increased capacity warehouse, head office and state-of-the-art showroom in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. The move appeases the growing consumer demand for solar, battery and electric vehicle charging technologies from a reputable Western Australian based source.

Broadening the diversity of product offerings for brand-aware shoppers and scaling direct purchasing relationships with manufacturers, Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy will relocate to the new facility in Q2 2021. An earlier than anticipated move as opposed to Q3/ Q4 2021, when consumer demand for energy storage technologies will increase exponentially.

McKercher Corporation’s continued investment into global electrification and sustainable energy infrastructure through Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy highlights consumer demand for energy transition technologies.

Visit the new Perth Solar Warehouse and PSW Energy Research Centre, Monday to Friday, 9 am to 4 pm; 3/90 Discovery Dve, Bibra Lake, Western Australia, 6163 (Entry via Efficiency Way).

Further Information can be found on the contact section of each business:

Perth Solar Warehouse welcomes esteemed Fronius Solutions Partnership

Fronius Solutions Partner FSP standing in-front of a Fronius Hybrid Inverter with arms folded

Perth Solar Warehouse welcomes the esteemed Fronius Solutions Partnership with one of Australia’s favourite solar inverter technologies. Possessing an extended history of installing and supporting Fronius inverters in Perth, Western Australia, consumers can rest assured that Perth’s most recognised sustainable energy retailer by Google ranking, Perth Solar Warehouse, is a trusted Fronius Solutions Partner.

Fronius Solutions Partners undergo extensive training to ensure detailed knowledge of past and current Fronius products. The result is a local Fronius-trained service specialist with intimate product knowledge to support every aspect of your Fronius-infused energy ecosystem from;

  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Service repairs
  • Monitoring support
  • Expansion & compatibilities

McKercher Corporation encourages an increased injection of manufacturer-trained partnerships within the sustainable energy infrastructure for greater consumer buying confidence. Most importantly, programs such as the Fronius Solutions Partnership provide greater assurance that a product’s warranty is most likely valid in case of a warranty claim. The result of the installation particulars is most likely to have met manufacturer-recommended installation requirements.

As the next generation of Fronius solar inverters (Gen24 range) becomes equipped with solar and battery functionality, reputable manufacturers such as Fronius are ensuring localised partnerships with technically astute organisations. These ground-level partnerships ensure improved product reliability as sustainable energy infrastructure becomes more complex to meet increasing consumer expectations.

As the sustainable energy transition gains widespread traction, infrastructure implementation businesses (retailers) require fullly fledged service departments to support the requirements of programs such as the Fronius Solutions Partnership. Such is a win for the consumer and technically astute organisations who require a licenced background to qualify.

In all forms of self-sufficient energy generation, customers depend on locally established professional organisations to support such technologies during their life expectancy alongside the manufacturer. Through manufacturer initiatives such as the Fronius Service Partner certification, selecting a reputable provider of selected energy products becomes more straightforward.

For a confident buying decision, McKercher Corporation business, Perth Solar Warehouse, is recognised as a reputable Fronius Service Partner with an intimate knowledge of the Fronius energy ecosystem.

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PSW Energy Yields Improved Growth With V.2 Research Centre

Inside of the PSW Energy & Perth Solar Warehouse Energy Research Centre V.2 - 42 inch graphic display blurred between two upright solar panels.

Following an initial concept release (Energy Research Centre, 2016), an evolved PSW Energy Research Centre offers an even more immersive experience towards assisting consumer knowledge of sustainable energy solutions. Located at Unit 2/ 44 Erceg Rd Yangebup, WA, the larger premises and 2nd generation concept delves deeper into associated sustainable energy infrastructure and the digitalisation of energy.

The original PSW Energy Research Centre showcased diverse solar module constructions providing unique end-user insight into how varied technologies performed in real-world conditions. Furthermore, selected solar inverters and energy management devices delivered the refined operational insight required to ensure an informed buying decision towards energy-saving success.

Improved technologies entered the market following broad spectrum consumer appeal for a sustained period. A 2nd generation PSW Energy Research Centre would appeal to modern consumer expectations, accommodating a shifting dynamic within energy transition infrastructure. Designed to offer more than fundamental energy-saving insight, the evolution of solar and its associated technologies provide a focus that incorporates energy savings and energy independence.

The next generation of energy transition infrastructure is becoming more intelligent, incorporating AI and cellular communication. Sustainable energy is now more than solar panels to offset energy consumption. Energy profiling is unique, and manufacturers are now ensuring products that can adapt and learn. Integrating more innovative technology makes energy independence a more realistic opportunity than ever before.

Over 20 energy systems are operating at the new PSW Energy Research Centre, assisting an educated purchasing experience for the astute energy investor. Products in operation include some of the most well-known and high-anticipated emerging technologies:

LG Chem
Alpha ESS
JA Solar

Beyond the necessary hardware, the most interesting element for any end-user is the software, which many will use to interact with and operate the new self-generated power supply. Prospective solar shoppers can experience the first-hand live operation of native inverter software and advanced 3rd party tools such as Solar Analytics.

The PSW Energy Research Centre is a genuinely immersive experience. Customers are encouraged to book a viewing in advance to ensure adequate time with professional support.


Tesla Certified Installer PSW Energy First to Adopt Improvements

Tesla Certified Installer Perth Solar Warehouse

After an extensive onboarding process to ensure the Tesla brand integrity and unrivalled customer satisfaction, PSW Energy is a Tesla Certified Installer. With partnerships previously restricted to national retailers, Tesla announced improved product accessibility through ground-level local retailers with an esteemed reputation. Facilitating improved access to Tesla Powerwall products from Perth’s largest online solar superstore.

The Tesla Certified Installer program refines businesses to represent thorough installation integrity and the superior aesthetic appeal sort after by Tesla customers. With this in mind, it was a natural business pairing, PSW Energy for ground-level local appeal and Tesla for elite energy transition infrastructure.

As the solar industry evolves, manufacturers of all solar products are beginning to take on certified installer programs to ensure the supply and installation of selected products meet manufacturer specifications.

Implementing certified installer programs provides the end-user confidence that the product they buy has endured minimal contact points between the factory and installation. Furthermore, as installation often defines performance, understanding unique manufacturer installation guidelines ensure that products exceed consumer expectation.

With a distinguished history of customer satisfaction, Perth Solar Warehouse & PSW Energy (McKercher Corporation subsidiaries) are prominent partners to ensure the exceedingly high standards Tesla customers expect.

Seeking a Tesla Powerwall? Visit:

PSW Energy Awarded as Founding Australian SMA Power-Up Partner

SMA manufacturing headquarters Kassel Germany with SMA logo in prominence, blue sky and green lawn an a clear, sunny day.

The world’s most iconic solar inverter brand makes another bold move towards exclusivity. SMA Solar Technology launched the SMA Power-Up program in Australia in January 2019 to affiliate the brand with technically astute retailers/installers. Nominated from industry peers, PSW Energy is a part of the first 25 businesses across Australia, with four established in Perth, Western Australia.

The benefits occur at every level in this instance. Rewarded are installers with additional product benefits to offer end-users. In contrast, end-users become rewarded by attaining an installer with an intimate knowledge of the inverter, its capabilities, and the ability to look after a customer long-term.

Never before has an inverter brand set out to exclude installers from additional sales opportunities. However, with an excessive amount of installation companies unable to survive past the five year mark while leveraging off the back of an inverter’s good reputation, change in this aspect is outstanding progress for the energy transition industry.

Founding SMA Power-Up partners, Western Australia:

  1. PSW Energy (residential)
  2. Advanced Energy Resources (commercial)
  3. Australis Solar (residential)
  4. DNX Energy (residential)

The success of the SMA Power-Up program has seen many installers across Australia vying for a position on the much-converted list. Not only solar installers, but the trend is becoming replicated amongst alternative manufacturers to ensure higher quality control and improved life expectancy of the products.

Image: McKercher Corporation Director Derek McKercher (Left) and SMA Australia Managing Director Michael Rutt (right) at the inaugural SMA Power-UP Partner launch event, Sydney.

After the initial launch, SMA expects to ramp up the SMA Power-Up program eligibility to a further 75 businesses nationwide. Ensuring a restricted group of 100 means-tested installers out of a possible 5000 solar companies throughout Australia is another step towards greater consumer confidence when buying sustainable energy products.

Continue exploring the benefits of the SMA Power-Up Program via PSW Energy, an inaugural and trusted SMA partner

PSW Energy Research Centre by Perth Solar Warehouse A New Customer Experience

Engineering energy accessories

From October 2017, Perth Solar Warehouse closed the gap through the newly established PSW Energy brand to offer Perth Solar Warehouse infrastructure/services to a broader market. With a continued commitment to outstanding service and a refined digitally accessible product suite, PSW Energy provides a uniquely identifiable and leading reputation.

A  design and an extensive product offering reaching a broader consumer base are the driving factors behind PSW Energy. In February 2018, a new online shop front to better showcase the technically advanced energy-saving product line began construction. In April 2018, Perth Solar Warehouse began referring existing specified pages to the new PSW Energy online store. In May 2018, the new PSW Energy online store opened its doors to the public.

A dual-layered decision. When McKercher Corporation created Perth Solar Warehouse in 2011, it was the only “Perth Solar” labelled business in the market. With the rise in competitive SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) space and the success of Perth Solar Warehouse online, many business competing businesses realised an unprecedented marketing opportunity.

McKercher Corporation Director Derek McKercher mentioned, “It (Perth Solar Warehouse) is an interesting name to claim intellectual property rights to. IP Australia is reluctant to recognise a trademark infringement involving a capital city and other complex particulars (industry references). Considering the established nature of Perth Solar Warehouse online and the quality knowledgebase offered, as an organisation, we believe PSW Energy will be able to flourish without the ongoing confusion with alternative ‘Perth Solar’ labelled suppliers”. 

A broader business branding also facilitates opportunities and diversity for the business beyond Perth and Solar specific markets.

Pre-2013, the local Western Australian market endured a lack of high-end infrastructure supply for consumers with a long-term energy investment strategy. Perth Solar Warehouse bridged a gap for consumers researching online for German-made components and alternative high-end solar products. 

Since the dawn of the scaled consumer uptake of photovoltaics to offset energy consumption (2007 -2009), the conversation has existed mainly around primary solar system size and available tariffs to evoke an energy bill reduction. Fast forward ten years, and the industry is on the brink, if not already in the process of evolution. With limited design parameters and better technology, self-generated power supplies are more than just solar panels and an inverter. It’s more than self-generation. Modern homes and businesses must be more intelligent to master bill reduction and net zero carbon emissions. More innovative appliances and software alongside energy storage form the basis of a modern sustainable energy solution. 

McKercher Corporation’s vision for PSW Energy is to empower and educate users towards sustainable energy adoption. 

A testament to the localised success and to ensure transparency for past and present customers, the Perth Solar Warehouse name remains as the acronym forming PSW Energy. “Everything remains the same, existing warranty obligations, contact numbers, staff, location, ownership, all we’re doing is redefining our position in the market where potential confusion could arise,” said Derek McKercher.

A flagship business by Mckercher Corporation, PSW Energy will receive increased investment to achieve its goals within a competitive market. However, the overall organisational focus remains broad. New developments are in the pipeline in alternative business models. The primary objective for the immediate future is to develop the PSW Energy brand and bolster existing businesses. 

Visit the new PSW Energy experience

German Made Solar Systems Remain a Viable Solution Through Increased Scale

German Solar Specialists PSW Energy

German made solar equipment often has an increased capital requirement for long-term energy investors. When specific alternative manufacturing processes don’t complement a suitable medium to long-term investment strategy, an excellent justification for the added capital expenditure can be justified. Durability, testing practices, and quality control over 3x greater than IEC standards ensure an end product that performs well beyond the expected life in even the most arduous conditions. 

Since 2014, Perth Solar Warehouse has improved languishing adoption rates through scale by resonating with market sentiment where the desirability for German made solar components remain—proving that reduced uptake was more a result of a lack of accessibility. An overall product suite adjustment has now ensured a hub for consumers seeking a German made solar specialist with unrivalled choice. A simple concept that benefits the consumer beyond expectation.

Further complimenting the change, an online retail presence removes the added cost of exorbitant sales commissions built into the price of alternative products in the market. Centrally located for diverse, the Perth (Cockburn Central) based warehouse & office makes for quick dispatch, customer collection or fast turnaround of installed solar systems.

Shifting to an online-only retail presence was a risk. However, online shop fronts reduce sales-related expenses for consumers who know what they want. In turn, the savings are passed on to the customer, further assisting German solar infrastructure adoption against cost-competitive Chinese products. While supply chains continue to accommodate German made solar accessibility, Perth Solar Warehouse will continue to provide these high-end solutions to consumers.

In time, the internet will keep most solar businesses honest in the modern world, as consumers now possess a louder voice than ever before, thanks to the emergence of social media in the last decade. The same social media in which Perth Solar Warehouse relies on honest customer feedback as referrals to generate continued new business. An evergreen approach.

A trusted, customer centric McKercher Corporation business:

Sustainable Energy Transition An Immanent Requirement For Future Generations

Sustainable Energy - McKercher Corporation Pty Ltd

As the global population grows, improved quality of life and education is often associated with increased energy wealth. However, there is a direct correlation between increased energy generation demands and elevated carbon emissions beyond what can be negated by the Earth’s natural offset process. This is unsustainable energy.

We will continue to generate energy, as the benefits towards humanity at our current rate of increase are far greater than not. Through energy, high bandwidth global communication facilitates education in previously considered too remote global locations.

Access to education ensures a diverse global community that can thrive together and continue a consistent evolution with minimal conflict. However, increased knowledge is taking a toll on an ecosystem that has contributed to humanity’s evolutionary success. To consistently evolve, lower carbon energy with minimal environmental impact is a significant consideration for future generations.

Sustainable energy incorporates all elements of production. From the sourced resources, manufacturing or refining process through to emissions. Any generational source should have a service life of no less than 25 years (unless significantly superseded) while comprised of recyclable components. A sustainable energy transition considers an evergreen loop where humanity can consistently thrive.

Mass-sourced unsustainable energy powering life and transportation systems impact more than what is visible. It affects an ecosystem that supports life; the layers of oceans, depths of forests, surface temperatures and overall life enabling climate diversity.

It’s said, “the invention of the light bulb occurred by candlelight”. Using past means to evolve towards a better solution is never a problem. However, we must transition when a better, more sustainable solution is available, as the rewards are unquestionable.

McKercher Corporation businesses facilitate a required sustainable energy transition from foundations of knowledge.

Perth Solar Warehouse In-house Solar Installation Service Bucks Industry Trend

In-house CEC Accredited solar installers Perth WA

It’s known that verticle integration of sustainable energy infrastructure supply businesses provides improved customer outcomes. Therefore, why do many companies avoid executing the installation directly? Reducing risk is the answer, yet this potentially compromises a critical component when supplying sustainable energy infrastructure. Many firms hire certified installation firms through outsourcing agreements to implement their product. Begging the question, who is your installer and who holds the installation warranty?

It’s logical to assume the organisation you purchased the product from, and you would be correct. However, layers of complexity arise in the event of an issue, often overlooked at the point of sale. Organisations that use outsourced services usually don’t carry implementation licences, saving on maintaining a skilled blue-collar workforce. Support, though often lags as the failure, and cost must be discerned between two parties. All of which isn’t too bad if a resolution with minimal downtime can be managed behind the scenes.

Perth Solar Warehouse focuses long-term attention on infrastructure supply and in-house installation services. The launch of sustainable energy infrastructure supplier Perth Solar Warehouse encouraged a greater demand for in-house skilled technicians who knew specialised products intimately from one organisation.  

Based in Perth, Western Australia, possessing in-house CEC accredited solar installers ensures a streamlined process that no longer requires the on-going major developmental attention as any alternative emerging sector.

The implementation of Perth Solar Warehouse is to deliver as a hassle-free option for any person searching for trusted solar power and energy equipment online. With transparent products, pricing and the ability to be one of the industries most trusted sources for related news, we have done that. Now, Perth Solar Warehouse will continue forward with strong foundations and its assured assets of in-house CEC accredited solar installers.

Operated solely in Perth, Western Australia, the solar services installation division continues to outperform initial expectations through the implementation of strict, on and off site disciplines. Those of which are lacking through third party service based businesses within the solar industry.

A realisation of the requirement for advanced skilled installation practices came to attention while observing alternative service based businesses. Not just in the solar energy industry but across a broad spectrum of service based industries. We realised there was a way to do it better, so we utilised what we knew and developed a series of exclusive practices and workflows.

Alternative businesses preach about being the best. However, what defines the best? There is no point competing in a business environment unless what one offers is better or different to what’s already available for consumers. Customer satisfaction plays a vital role within the implementation of the in-house solar installers which Perth Solar Warehouse possess. These resounding actions connect with people while separating and highlighting the industries best.